Someone on my general football email group just asked for the top ten worst
players for each of our teams.  This was my view on Wolves.  Anyone got
better options?

These are all from the last twenty years.  I’m sure there were other bad
ones pre 1980s, and during the 1980s they were all crap apart from Bully.
All of these were relatively expensive signings and hailed as the final part
of the jigsaw.

1.       *Tony Daley.*  Record signing that did his ligaments part way
through his first game.  Never played properly for Wolves again.

2.       *Freddy Eastwood.*  Was the hot thing from League 1’s Southend but
never delivered.  As a gypsy, he believed “exercising his horse” was a valid
reason for being late for training.

3.       *Darren Anderton.*  Signed by Hoddle because he reminded him of
himself.  Anderton was sh1te so he was right about that.

4.       *Silas.*  Bought as a pacey, skilful, Portuguese winger.  He was
certainly Portuguese.

5.       *Oleg Luzhny.*  Sir Jack turned off the Golden Tit when we finally
got promoted last time and we got him as our main defender.  Whatever the
question asked by Premier League strikers, 35 year old Oleg Luzhny was not
the answer.

6.       *Tomasz Frankowski.*  Known as the “Pole with No Goal”.  Couldn’t
hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.

7.       *Henri Camara.*  Senegalese international who couldn’t get away
fast enough when we got relegated.  Willie Mackay was his agent.

8.       *Robbie Slater.*  He was as wooden on the pitch as he is on TV.

9.       *Steve Corica.*  That he definitely wasn’t good enough for Wolves
in the Championship ten years ago, but could play in  Sydney’s first team
until this year says a lot about the A League

10.   *Darren Fergusson.  *My dad is Alex Fergusson you know.

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