You misread the competition Paul, how many times in the press will his
famous quote be quoted.  I'm guessing that there must be 50 or so
publications and websites that regularly report on the premier league,
so over the course of the season allowing for headlines and body text,
some weeks where others won't repeat the same quote ad infinitum, I
reckon it will be more like 1,000+ mentions for the season.


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Hello Marcus,


That is too easy!! It is 38, as he says it at least once after every


I propose another competition:


How many goals will Fletcher score this season and how many points will
we attain?


My predictions are Fletcher: 16 goals and Wolves: 46 points.






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Ok, I'm going to run a new tipping competition this year.  How many
times is Mick going to be quoted in the press using the term
"puts/putting in a shift"?


Here is the latest one from The Express:  "Stephen willingly puts a
shift in and it was a great finish. He epitomises teams that I build."


Answers on a postcard to:


Broken Record Competition

PO Box 110%



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Marcus thinks Mick is a superb manager

Marcus thinks Mick is a superb manager

Marcus thinks Mick is a superb manager

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