Too late.
No way I'm coming if Bolshie Rog is there.

...or if I have two weddings on that day :(

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Stop trying to put people off attending.
Retirement? If only, organisations like FARC, Polisario, Hamas and Hezbollah
still need funding.

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Hi all,

Drinks have been confirmed for Saturday 17th December @ The Australian Hotel
in The Rocks. First beer around 12'ish. 

Roger Cooper will again be making the journey south from his retirement
haven to join us for a few beverages. 

Bring your friends, family or anyone else who might want to discuss Wolves
and stuff. 

See you there from 12pm


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Boo! Thick Mick Out.

Boo! Thick Mick Out.

Boo! Thick Mick Out.

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