Who was the mug?

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He wanted to blow me but I said no so he settled for a quick teabag.

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Marcus and Mick in 

On 3 February 2012 12:49, Elliot Dale 
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Remind me, you said no points, and he said 9. Can't remember what anyone else 
said including me!!

Yeah, what was Marcus on? He goes from being completely pessimistic for 5 years 
to more optimistic than Les?

It's almost like Perth, when he went from hating McCarthy for 3 years to 
suddenly "loving him"..!!

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Hey Elliot, am I favourite for the last tipping comp you started down The 

Marcus must well out of it with his 9 points from 3 games.

What the hell was he snorting that night?

Boo! Thick Mick Out.

Boo! Thick Mick Out.

Boo! Thick Mick Out.

Boo! Thick Mick Out.

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