I think the real indicator of our current progress will come on Saturday in
the FA Cup.


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The club is a complete shambles.


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Yeah, my first one in 12 years. How depressing. It should have been 1-1 at
half time. They had about 4 attacks the whole match, and scored from 3 of
them. The problem is the defence, its just aint good enough. People in the
South Bank around us were saying we played better under McCarthy. Lol. How

On the BBC WM radio post phone in, someone was saying they've restructured
the entire club, from staff, right down to how the academy team plays, to
play Stales way. What if he gets sacked? It will be a monumental blunder.

At least the Balti pie and Bovril were worth going for.


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My first game back at the Molineux in 8 years! Very excited as my son and
myself could join my Dad and hopefully snag a Christmas win. Dad had warned
me that we had been dreadful all year and not to expect much. I remained
confident however, the footballing gods would surely look favourably on an
Antipodean pilgrimage! How wrong I was, we were woeful! I have not seen a
more abject performance devoid of ideas and passion from the Wolves in many
year! Going again on Saturday to watch the return of MM, fearing the worst
but hoping Wolves can turn it around.
The packed South Bank were singing "your not fit to wear the shirt" second
half, very sad times indeed!
In summary we have no plan at all and for the life of me I cannot see what
Solbakken is trying to achieve.
Fingers crossed for Saturday, OODCL!

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> Poor, poor result, but we're still closer to the playoff spots than we are
to last position.
> One upside is that Posh were paying $4.60 for the win and I had strong
suspicion that we would get stuffed like a Christmas Turkey.  I can now
afford to buy enough alcohol to drown my sorrows from that shitty result.
> Only have to wait 3 more days until we get back to winning ways.
> --
> Boo! Saft Solbakken out!

Boo! Saft Solbakken out!

Boo! Saft Solbakken out!


Boo! Saft Solbakken out!

Boo! Saft Solbakken out!

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