none wrote:
> Hello,
> Does anyone has an idea on how to build a ntfs 3.1 filesystem less than
> 150Kb large ?

The 3.5" diskettes I was using thirty years ago had a
capacity of 720kB... Earlier there were 5" diskettes
with a capacity around 350kB.

> The problem is mkntfs create a large $Logfile and a recent version of
> $Upcase each using using more than 150Kb. Unlike other programs like
> ntfsprogs ntfs-3g doesn’t offer to edit ntfs metafiles
> https://superuser.com/q/1189709/282033
> In the meantime, ntfsresize does not shrink $Logfile, even if it’s
> empty.
> So does anyone have (or have an idea on how to build) a valid ntfs 3.1
> filesystem that can be mounted by ntfs-3g as small as possible ?

You will probably have to patch mkntfs, and be on you own.

ntfs-3g might be able to mount such a non-standard volume,
but Windows will probably not.

> regards,

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