I try it again in english:

I stopped a long suffer with Winword - and want to write/print longer documents with 
Context now.

Since I don\'t have enough time do learn Context
properly at this moment - but need some documents printed for students I ask you for 
some payed support: 

- Install a Context Environment
- tips for layouting my documents
- converting some of my existing winword-documents to context (I think there will be a 
lot of handwork for you)
- tips and suggestions: \"digital-printer-company\" (Digitaldruck-Firma) and how to 
work together with them.

I am german and have to use \"deutsche Umlaute\" - therefore I think it will be the 
best to get support from a german speaking person.

> [for those who are interested: The rest of the original posting was
> about support request for layout, converting documents, etc.]
> Patrick

Please excuse me, Patrick. It\'s my first time in a mailing-list ...
and I made another mistake: I\'ve send my question twice. So, please
be patient with me. I promise less mistakes :-)

best regards

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