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Since I don\'t have enough time do learn Context
properly at this moment - but need some documents printed for students I ask you for some payed support:

I don't have enough time to give payed support.

- Install a Context Environment
- tips for layouting my documents
- converting some of my existing winword-documents to context (I think there will be a lot of handwork for you)
- tips and suggestions: \"digital-printer-company\" (Digitaldruck-Firma) and how to work together with them.
I am german and have to use \"deutsche Umlaute\" - therefore I think it will be the best to get support from a german speaking person.

Have a look into my german beginner's tutorial at, that is,

Regarding layout: Buy a good book, e.g.:
minimal: Gorbach, Textgestaltung am PC und Mac. Ravensburg 1995 (out of print, but used available at amazon)
optimal: Willberg/Forssmann, Lesetypographie. Mainz 1996

If you know what you want, ask again.

Regarding digital printshop: It depends on your wishes and a bit on your location.

Grüßlis vom Hraban! --

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