i've been messing around with that because thanh is updating his
stuff; i need to handle both hz and protruding and more -)

I must ask: would this mean adding Context support for the font
expansion mentioned in his thesis? I've wanted to experiment with that
but as far as I can tell it has previously required too much (for
me) font manipulation outside of tex.


It is true that generating extended font metrics (e.g. cmr10+5.tfm) was a bit deterrent thing for pdfTeX users.

It was the reason that Thanh enabled (some months ago) use hz WITHOUT a need of generating extended metrics. But there was some problems with this pdftex version so it coused some delay. Now I believe it will be reflected in ConTeXt support. (I do not know what Hans thinks by "and more" but I reckon he means some code clean up).

After that we will need:
1) new ConTeXt
2) new pdftex binary

Vit Zyka
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