First, by way of introduction: I've been using LaTeX for about five years now, but am quite new to ConTeXt. I'm a grad student in mechanical engineering, so my primary uses of ConTeXt in the near future are likely to be for my thesis and associated presentations, all of which will likely have lots of complicated equations in them.

After looking at what documentation is available for this, I think I have a fair handle on the basics of including math in ConTeXt. However, I do have some questions about things beyond the basics that I use rather frequently, and I haven't been able to find useful answers in the documentation or the list archives.

To begin with, I have the following sets of definitions in my standard LaTeX preamble. I know that \newcommand and \renewcommand are LaTeX-specific; what's the appropriate ConTeXt equivalent? Also, do \hat, \vec, and \overline work as I would expect? And is there a direct equivalent to \boldsymbol from the amsmath package? (I need something that will handle both roman and greek letters.)


Also, many of these equations run over multiple lines using the macros from the amsmath package (the "split" environment in particular, but also the "align" environment), and I haven't been able to find much documentation on how to do this in ConTeXt. For an example of the sorts of things I end up doing:

    \frac{\partial (\rho (\phi u)_j)}{\partial t}
       + \nabla_k (\rho (\phi u)_k u_j)
  = &\;
    -\nabla_j (\phi p)
    + \nabla_j (\lambda \nabla_k (\phi u_k))
    + \nabla_k \left[\mu \left( \nabla_k (\phi u)_j
    + (\nabla_j (\phi u)_k) \right) \right]
    {} - \lambda (\nabla_j u_k) \nabla_k \phi
    - \mu (\nabla_k \phi) \nabla_k u_j
    - \mu (\nabla_k u_k) \nabla \phi_j
    - \tau_{\text{surface, $jk$}} \nabla_k \phi

Looking at that reminds me that I also rather heavily use the \text command from amsmath as well, and rely on its ability to properly size things in subscripts and such. Does this (or an analogue) exist in ConTeXt?

Any suggestions? I'd like to be able to simply cut and paste the equations like this one from my LaTeX documents into my ConTeXt documents with as little editing as possible (so that I can maintain consistency between documents in each format), but anything that produces the same output would be good to know about.

Thanks much!
- Brooks

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