> I have experimented with some other graphics but if I use "chapter"
> instead of "subject" as section heading the result is different.
> I believe it depends on your

Here is the important stuff:

> \def\HeadTitle#1#2{% ....
>          \framed[background=myhead]{#1#2}}

(which is the command without spacing)

> tighted to the latter heading and not to the former .
> Am I right?

you should use something like


> Deeply down to low level TeX at this point?

This is partly high level ConTeXt (\framed, background) and low level
TeX (hfill,...).

> Is just a question to redefine a command adding
> background=something-of-mine ?

background has to be a color or an overlay or ...

> Then where these command are discribed?

They should be described in the main manual or the metafun manual.

Summary: define a metapost graphic, use \defineoverlay to access
the mp graphic and use \framed{} to access the overlay
(background=...) and use \setuphead (command=somecommand) to define
your own command that acesses the \framed[background=...].

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