Floris van Manen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> VZ> Floris, you are not alone. I also have not find the quick solution. So I
> VZ> call texexec two times when working with MP graphics,
> VZ> color definitions, ... :-(
> running it twice is something i can live with, but if it will not
> solve the problem, then it is... what do i do wrong?

Vit and Floris,

if your TeX source is one file only, please do me a favour: try the
TeX files on live.contextgarden.net and see if the output comes out
right. If it doesn't, I'd like to know about it. If it does, please
report on the list. Do you have write18 (texmf.cnf) enabled? How does your
cont-sys.tex look like? What distribution do you use?

I have (on live..) disabled write18, \runMPgraphicstrue
and \runMPTEXgraphicstrue.

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