Maurice Diamantini wrote:

So that it will always be possible for a LaTeX user to download
a full independant ConTeXt distribution, just source one of the
provided or setup.csh files, and run either the standard
texlive old distribution, or its new dowloaded ConTeXt distribution
without conflict.

The objective is to had a line such
source /xxx/context/
in my bashrc without worying if I (or other xTeX user) have to do
either LaTeX or ConTeXt writing.

Actually there has been something like that for a long time -)

- when a new tex live comes out, i remove my old texmf tree and copy the texlive one to my disk (ok, for the next one i need to copy both texmf and texmf-dist to texmf on my disk)
- this will then include a version of context
- alongside i keep texmf-local and a few more (which has the beta context and such)

if you do

rsync -v

you will get all the trees that you can download

because i seperate things in trees, there is no danger in clashes with existing stuff; also, the setup scripts set all variables in a defensive way, so that there will be no clash with other distributions (that way i can also keep several project trees with older context versions available); the reason for using architectre paths is that it permits me to have out of sync binaries which means different pool files and formats)


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