Sorry, I made a typo error. The title of the book I am
reading is "Goodbye Gutenberg" by Valerie
A book I recommend for any person interested in 
book design, typography, history, reading, fonts, etc.

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> Hello all,
> I am reading a beautifully designed book called
> 'Boodbye Gutenberg", and it gave me inspiration to
> change the design of my self-published novel.
> However,
> I wonder if with my limited knowledge in Contet I
> can
> make it happen. Here it is:
> Version 1: The text is standard, justified both
> sides.
> When the reader opens the book I want him/her to see
> a
> background light-gray picture centered in the spine
> of
> the book from the top of the page to the bottom.
> (The
> picture is a guitar with the strings along the
> spine),
> I would like half of the guitar in the left page,
> and
> half in the other page. In other words,
> there would be a bleeding picture to the right of
> the
> left page, and a bleeding picture to the left of the
> right page. The text would be black, and the guitar
> would be seen as background. I know it is difficult
> to
> follow my explanation, but I hope you understand. 
> Version 2: The text is wrapped around the figure,
> that
> is, each line in the left page is left justified,
> but
> ends at the border of the picture. And each line in
> the right page is right justified, but begins at the
> border of the picture.
> I am hoping to get the version 1.  The other version
> is like an exercise for me, to see how it would be
> done.
> I have tried with layers for the background picture,
> and it works, but I don't know how to tell Context
> to
> use alternative pictures, one for the left pages,
> another for the right pages. My apologies for the
> length ...
> thank you
> ciro
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> Date: Dec. 2005.
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