Hi all,

in the diverse documentation about ConTeXt installation I find the instruction

"texexec --make ... --language ..."

for generating format files. Several questions arise:

1. What is the consequence of selecting specific languages after the --make option? Have the generated formats the same functionality, i.e. do they differ only in the user interface? In particular, do the different formats have the same hyphenation capabilities?

2. In the "How to install ConTeXt" manual I read that the "nl"-format is needed for some postprocessing features built in texexec. Is this still valid? The TeXLive distribution of 2004 contains only the cont-en.fmt file.

3. Is using the --language xy option equivalent to the using the \mainlanguage[xy] macro?

4. In case that several format files exist: which one is selected by texexec?

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