Hello, all--

Sorry about the repost, but I asked about this several days ago and didn't get any response. If there is a documented way to do what I want, feel free to just give me a hint as to where it is documented; or if there is no way to do it without deep hackery, please just let me know that. Thanks!


I am creating a layout for electronic books in which all the body text is in a single, fairly narrow column, with minimal space at the top and bottom of each page. I would like to place page numbers in the left margin, aligned with the bottom of the text, and the running heads (if any) also in the left margin, aligned with the top of the text. Is there a way to do this in ConTeXt? I can see that the standard page numbering and header commands don't support this kind of placement. I can come very close to the desired effect with the following:

  * Place the page numbers in the margin area of the footer, e.g.:

     \setuppagenumbering [...,location=inleft]

  * Place the header text in the margin area of the header, e.g.:

     \setupheadertext [margin] [section] []

  * Use negative dimensions to cause the header and footer to overlap
    the text area, e.g.:

     \setuplayout [...,headerdistance=-0.35in,footerdistance=-0.5in]

As I said, this comes very close to the desired effect, but it seems impossible to correctly align the header text and page numbers with the main text. Also, the header texts are mostly too long to fit on a single line in the margin, and I have not found a way to induce line wrapping.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Matt Gushee
Englewood, CO, USA
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