Hans Hagen wrote:

in page-imp are some additional inclusion macros -)

Yes, i have seen some of them.
I have a problem about stickers and imposition;
i try to use/modify some of this macros for pagearrangement, but i consume all
tex memory.
Actually i have found a dirty solution using perl and sort; as soon as possible
i will post some code.



Yes, syst-ext. and others syst-.
I try to made a pdf-collection of useful module like syst-*, page-* core-box, supp-box, some module for fonts (open issue: turkish....), etc.
(last entry: \startsetups in core-new..)

In my head, i call this collection
"context-foundation: core macros for context programmers"

If you have some suggestions..... |)

Also, i know some books/resources for tex programmers:
(always The Book first :) )
The Advanced TEXBook (seem good; maybe i will buy it)
Again, if you have some others...


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