Matthias Weber wrote:

 I am not a font expert at all, and we are on different platforms.

If I understand correctly, the font mechanism in TeXExec has been
changing, and different  ConTeXt versions rely on different versions of
pdfeTeX (not only for font reasons, but also for pdf features).

not really, they try to adapt themselves invisible

It should be imperative to use compatible versions of both, even though
I have no clue how to achieve this -- (on the Mac, Gerben's iinstaller
is nicely taking care of this, but I don't know about Windows)

normally this is no problem, i run old and new versions alongside; teh biggest change in the latest pdftex is that the locations of the enc/map files have changed (not context related, more tds/texmf); context never used the pdftex cfg file so no problems should be expected there

In my recent experience, it was not a good idea to use the latest (March) ConTeXt beta
without making sure that your remaining TeX installation (including fonts) is completely
up-to-date. As I don't know how easy it is to move to some other 'release' on Windows,
I don't know how feasible this recommendation is. Maybe somebody on Windows for whom
times works can give you some information which versions he is using, and how to get them.

for the transition to latim modern one indeed needs latin modern fonts (zip on our website); making this change has to happen anyway; also, when one uses latin modern as well as context pattern files; one can use more font encodings with regards to hyphenation

I also wonder why the pdf made at ConTeXtgarden opens in Acrobat with font substitution -- the fonts should be
universally available, I believe.

strange, this should not happen with an embedded font


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