Staszek Wawrykiewicz wrote:

Why? Anybody is free to make tfm files, as afm files are always available for _that_ set of urw fonts.

the problem is that there is a bunch of context users out there who think (are being told, whatever) that they shoul duse the provided ones instead of generating them by texfont or afm2tfm (so they want to use the presumably present ones and not generate them by texfont, which is ok for me; but unfortunately they are not always there; and then they try the ps ones, which are only there for ec an dnot fo rtexnansi and then ... and then ...)

well, i give up on fonts ... maybe some day i just put metric files in the context zip (ec texnansi qx), why should i care about those few extra bytes

thanks for your patience


ps. i have no problems with the minimal context distribution since in that one i use prefixed names

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