That's another good idea Heinrich.

I certainly could invoke another application to sanitize the SVG, but that
brings with it a number of additional problems: Does the user have it
installed properly? Is it cross-platform? Additionally, the typesetting
code (in Java) would have to be updated to call out to sanitize the file,
plus introducing more error handling for when sanitizing goes wrong.
Cleaning up the input document feels more like a band-aid than solving the
underlying problem, which is to relax the regex ConTeXt uses to parse the
style attribute.

I'm pretty sure I can provide a patch for the regex, I just need to know
how to get debugging information printed to the console when compiling the
document using the context command.

Any ideas about how to log strings after modifying mlib-svg.lmt? I tried
adding print/report statements, but none of them showed up. Does anyone
know if that's even the right file to change to start looking into the

Thanks again!
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