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Years ago I stumbled upon the work of Jean-Luc Doumont. He typesets all his
documents using TeX, although his modified Version called Quantum. The
whole idea of his fascinating approach is that the page is quantized in 2
dimensions and that all positioning, even graphical elements stick to that
grid. I'm attaching a link to a presentation by him in which he gives some
fragments of code that I, unfortunately, have a hard time understanding.
I'm interested in replicating this 2d grid in Context. How would one go
about enforcing such strict 2d organization? As I get it he does a lot of
manual tweaking, and his documents are less automated and more hand crafted
than a typical Context document. I'm specifically interested in using this
approach for report generation. To me data I/O is not an issue since I
would use a Python script to generate the markup.
I know the question is pretty general, but any pointers would be welcome.
Maybe the first thing useful would be the grid and how to position
everything in accordance with it. I envisioned this thread more for
discussion and suggestions than a complete recreation of his ideas. As I
learn Context and Metapost, I hope I will figure out how to recreate his
work. Sorry for the blog post :)

Link to files:

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