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> Dear list,
> Years ago I stumbled upon the work of Jean-Luc Doumont. He typesets all his
> documents using TeX, although his modified Version called Quantum. 

His documents are really beautifully typeset. In the book, "Theorems, Maps, and 
Trees" all paragraphs are typeset as complete rectangles! See a sample here: 


> The whole idea of his fascinating approach is that the page is quantized in 2
> dimensions and that all positioning, even graphical elements stick to that
> grid. 

ConTeXt already implements grid snapping in the vertical dimension. For "grid 
snapping" in the horizontal direction, you need to ensure that all \hskip's are 
multiple of the grid size. 

> I'm specifically interested in using this approach for report generation. To
> me data I/O is not an issue since I would use a Python script to generate the
> markup.

You can use layers to position things anywhere on a page. The keys `lines=..., 
columns=...` work almost like a grid. 

See the details manual for examples of grid snapping and layers. 

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