After a recent update to ConTeXt, the code no longer seems to allow me to 
\input a file within a table:
        \NC {\bf Term} \NC {\bf Definition} \NC\NR                
        \input test2.tex %<----here you see I have input a file inside the table
File test2.tex contains "\NC {\bf Term} \NC {\bf Definition} \NC\NR".
I also tried defining a macro earlier in the document...
    \NC \NC \NC\NR
    \NC #1 \NC #2 \NC\NR
...then placing that in test2.tex, e.g.:
\tablewordis{my word}{my definition}

I get the error: " The file ended when scanning an argument."
Before the update, this code worked fine.
How can I \input a file while inside a table environment, as above?
I have a document that has 100s of these inputs in my code, and now nothing 
will compile.


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