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Hi Pablo,

But now I don’t understand is the following issue: if the saved file
contains "\r\n", why does basic Notepad the new lines?

"\r\n" are the chars to get new lines in Windows. Or what am I missing here?

I'm not too sure what you're asking here, but Notepad was somewhat-
recently updated to handle both CRLF and LF line endings:

But I do agree that the line ending handling seems a little odd. I find it
surprising that the buffers internally use CR line endings since no systems
in the past 20 years use that.

how about tex ...

\number\numexpr`M-`A+1\relax % plain sets up `^^M

... you don't want to know how much hassle dealing with line endings in tex is

Also, you should probably check to make sure that the results of the
file don't depend on the current code page on Windows. Try writing out a
buffer from ConTeXt with the following contents:

First, run "chcp 65001" before running "context" and record the size of the
file written. Then, run "chcp 1251" and run "context" again. Hopefully the
file size doesn't change; but if it does, then that means that the binary
content of any file written will depend on the system's default code page,
which would complicate making reproducible hashes.
if that were the case nothing would work .. so it's bytes in - bytes out


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