At the ctx meeting we released luametatex, that is, the source code is now in the context zip (so it grew a few MB). At the same time Mojca set up some contextgarden repositories on github. We're working on a setup for users to generate older snapshots, if needed (for instance because there are platform changes). She's also working on cmake based installation helpers.

One of the things we did was pruning the fonts that are part of the installation. With a few exceptions the type one fonts were dropped, which is most noticeable for math. There is no need for px and tx fonts, they served their puspose in the transition from old style t1 fonts to opentype math (when we started with mkiv; we could have dropped them already).

We're looking into antykwa math as well as in alternative script and calligraphic math alphabets so eventually virtual math from t1 construction can be dropped completely (in principle if can be integrated in the tweak mechanisms) because it is not wirth the effort to make them better. That means that we will ship some additional companion fonts.

There are math times fonts but they are currently not free and there is some effort going on to turn them opentype so we can ditch their setups too (we can't test anyway; to some extend that is also true for minion math).

High on the agenda is euler (in combination with pagella). This also relates to upgraded mixed script and calligraphic support in math. It actually means that enabling alternative alphabets will happen a bit differently (more naturally integrated as we introduced dedicated ranges of slots). Again a side effect is that we have more granular math glyph properties (opentype math is too limited but basically frozen so we have to get over that and move on). We (Mikael and me) also try to compensate for the ommissions and weird things in unicode math but it will take some time before we have that all documented.

One of the next uploads will have the pruned / upgraded texmf tree (one can always install more in the local tree of course). At some point installing from the garden (or from a git clone) will also be supported (basically anyone can host a lmtx install).

For the next texlive we hope to switch to lmtx as default and that also means that luametatex is the runner then. One can (as currently in lmtx) always run luatex with "--luatex".

Als-in-all it's a lot of work but we're getting there.


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