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>> [...]
>> I think that this PDF document will be fine with your printer.
> It was.  I printed it this morning without any problem.  Thank you!

Glad to read it helped, Ángel.

I had the suspicion, because font embedding seems to be changed in LMTX.

There have been minor issues in the past with this (I cannot recall
whether I experienced one or two myself).

> If compiling with --luatex option seem to have more chances to produce a
> complete product, shouldn't it be convenient for this option to be the
> default?

Well, that is probably too much to say (I mean, that "--luatex"
generates more accurate PDF documents).

What you are experiencing might be a pretty extreme case. And you are
taking for granted that the PDF interpreter from your printer is 100%
accurate (which might not be the case).

The PDF specification deals with font embedding (to the best of my
knowledge) at

Unless the code to be fixed (or even adapted) can be detected and
improved, there is nothing to do here.

> I would expect 'context file.tex' to work "out of the box" and
> produce a correct and complete PDF output.  Would it be possible to have
> that changed?  Or is there maybe any other potentially undesirable side
> effect?

The main issue would be pretending to use with LuaTeX some features
available only in LuaMetaTeX.

> Also, I guess that can be configured somehow so, what would need to be
> changed to have 'context file.txt' to compile using luatex instead of
> LuaMetaTeX?

I agree with Hans that LuaMetaTeX is here to stay. He may correct me,
but as far as I understand it, LuaMetaTeX is LuaTeX-2.0.

I hope it might help,

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