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> Hi,
> I use LuaMetaTeX 2.10 20220918 + ConTeXt LMTX 2022.09.11.
> Here's a tiny test document, I disabled PDF compression but it also
> doesn't work with the default settings.
> \setupbackend[level=0,compresslevel=0]
> \starttext
> Just a line of text.
> \stoptext
> When I print this "directly" (i.e. sending the raw PDF to the printer)
> on a Ricoh MP3053 or on a Samsung CLP-680DW, I just get an empty page.
> The PDFs render fine on every PDF reader I could find.

On Acrobat DC on macOS, there is a visible difference between the two files:

Note that the 'a' and 'l' look quite different.

But I couldn't reproduce it with MuPDF for example.

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