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When I print this "directly" (i.e. sending the raw PDF to the printer)
on a Ricoh MP3053 or on a Samsung CLP-680DW, I just get an empty page.
I believe that is the exact same problem I have and that I described
few days ago in my email with subject "Missing letters and numbers in
printout".  I have some grids on my document, which gets printed out,
but nothing else does.

Another data point: Brother B205 doesn't print it either.
But would all of these use the same licensed PDF renderer...

The PDFs render fine on every PDF reader I could find.
Same here.

PDFs generated directly from Context MKIV from TeXLive 2022 using
LuaTeX 1.5 render fine on these printers.
I've also printed PDFs from pdfTeX in the past fine.
Same here.

Any ideas what I should try to help debug this?
I was told that this is the default now, that isn't going to change,
that I could always use LuaTeX instead.  I could also use LaTeX, I
guess, but I'd rather keep using ConTeXt at least while my old 32 bits
OpenBSD installation works.
what happens if you include the lmtx pdf in a mkiv document as image

On above Brother B205, this document:


only prints the page number of the outer document, which is kept in a
seperate font:

NREXLC+LMRoman12-Regular             CID Type 0C       Identity-H       yes yes 
yes      5  0
CLLXEY+LMRoman12-Regular             CID Type 0C       Identity-H       yes yes 
yes      8  0

I tried converting the pdf with pdfjam (which uses pdfTeX internally)
before, which probably uses similar mechanisms, and it didn't work
what is sent to the printer .. maybe not pdf but something the printer driver produces


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