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How do you send the files “directly” to the printer? Copy to lpt queue?

In my case, as I explained in my original email, I plug in a USB drive
into the printer USB port, and I pick up the file to print from the
printer software on a touch screen.  I guess this qualifies as sendig te
file directly to the printer queue?

Yes, of course. Sorry, I didn’t read your mails thoroughly since I assumed I couldn’t help anyway.

Hans, is it possible that LMTX uses some technique that is “too modern” for some built-in PDF interpreter?
we basically use the old pre 1.6 embedding, same as luatex ... mayeb some other object is too modern (maybe some indirect reference is not seen or so but then one expects an error) .. I have no clue what is in those printers (it works here)


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