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>> Am Tue, 4 Oct 2022 18:09:28 +0200 schrieb Hans Hagen via
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>>>> Hans, is it possible that LMTX uses some technique that is “too modern”
>>>> for some built-in PDF interpreter?
>>> we basically use the old pre 1.6 embedding, same as luatex
>> I saw that the new code renumbers the glyphs, so it uses 0001, 0002
>> etc instead of the mix of various slot numbers in luatex. Perhaps
>> the printers don't like that.
> indeed, soem control code confusion; a few days ago i suggested a test
> for that and got no response yet

Sorry, I didn't have access to a printer until last night.

As I expected, starting the numbering from 31 doesn't help
either---still blank pages.  (Note that with DejaVu Sans the numbering
from 1 works fine.)

But I also found yet another printer model that doesn't print:
the HP Color LaserJet 4700 (Model Q7492A, Firmware 20060821 46.031.1).

Since you seem to own the only printer that works ;) would
you be so kind and share which model you have?

I also wondered whether bisecting the snapshot-repo would work.
But I only have one LMTX binary; this font handling should be all in
lua code tho?
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