Hi list,

I'm looking to import a font with medium and light weights (in this case 
Roboto) and define font alternatives so one can quickly switch to light text 
just as one would switch to bold text. There is a stackexchange answer from 
Wolfgang (https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/303648/context-font-weights) 
which details a solution to this problem for ConTeXt MkIV but despite my best 
efforts I haven't been able to get things to work for me. There is the Roboto 
typescript example on ConTeXt garden but it isn't exactly what I'm looking for 
as for the document I'm making I would prefer to be able to treat the font 
weights as alternatives rather than separate families since I will be switching 

One can download the exact set of fonts I am using from 

Here is my code:

\definefontalternative[lf] % light
\definefontalternative[li] % lightitalic
\definefontalternative[md] % medium
\definefontalternative[mi] % mediumitalic

\starttypescript [sans] [roboto]
  \definefontsynonym [SansLight]        [file:Roboto-Light]        
  \definefontsynonym [SansLightItalic]  [file:Roboto-LightItalic]  
  \definefontsynonym [Sans]             [file:Roboto-Regular]      
  \definefontsynonym [SansItalic]       [file:Roboto-Italic]       
  \definefontsynonym [SansMedium]       [file:Roboto-Medium]       
  \definefontsynonym [SansMediumItalic] [file:Roboto-MediumItalic] 
  \definefontsynonym [SansBold]         [file:Roboto-Bold]         
  \definefontsynonym [SansBoldItalic]   [file:Roboto-BoldItalic]   
  \definefontsynonym [SansCaps]         [file:Roboto-Sans]         

\starttypescript [sans] [roboto]
  \definebodyfont [default] [rm]
     [lf=SansLight sa 1,
      li=SansLightItalic sa 1,
      tf=Sans sa 1,
      it=SansItalic sa 1,
      md=SansMedium sa 1,
      mi=SansMediumItalic sa 1,
      bf=SansBold sa 1,
      bi=SansBoldItalic sa 1,
      sc=SansCaps sa 1]




\lf Light
\li LightItalic
\tf Regular
\it Italic
\md Medium
\mi MediumItalic
\bf Bold
\bi BoldItalic
\sc SmallCaps


- The result is entirely in the regular weight default font:

What I've tried:

1. I've tried a great deal of alternative \definefontsynonym arguments such as 
specifying by name, including the full path to each ttf file

2. I played around with different two character \definefontalternative 
arguments to ensure there was no overlap with existing commands (as far as I am 
aware the existing set are otherwise undefined)

A few things to note:

1. My current version of ConTeXt is 2022.12.09 16:34

2. For portability I have included the ttf files for Roboto in a directory 
within my project directory and while setting things up I set OSFONTDIR to 
include this directory and run `mtxrun --script fonts --reload --force`

3. `mtxrun --script fonts --list --all --pattern=Robo` yields:

identifier           familyname   fontname             filename                 
                subfont   instances

roboto               roboto       robotoregular        
robotoblack          roboto       robotoblack          
robotoblackitalic    roboto       robotoblackitalic    
robotobold           roboto       robotobold           
robotobolditalic     roboto       robotobolditalic     
robotoitalic         roboto       robotoitalic         
robotolight          roboto       robotolight          
robotolightitalic    roboto       robotolightitalic    
robotomedium         roboto       robotomedium         
robotomediumitalic   roboto       robotomediumitalic   
robotonormal         roboto       robotoregular        
robotoregular        roboto       robotoregular        
robotothin           roboto       robotothin           
robotothinitalic     roboto       robotothinitalic     

4. Using `\definedfont[name:robotomedium*default] hello` and 
`\definedfont[file:Roboto-Thin*default] hello` (for example) work exactly as 

I hope this isn't a silly question, I'm very new to ConTeXt and have been 
struggling for a while so thought I may as well ask in case there's something 
I'm missing, would appreciate any guidance :)

Regards, Matt

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