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Dear Matthew,
I wrote you off the list in connection to the other thread where Hans helped me with using Roboto Flex. I used your typescript definitions but the font is not embedded in the document.

** I've copied all the ttf font files to the recommended directory structure under: texmf-local/fonts/truetype. ** I've created a type-imp-roboto.mkiv file and saved it in the recommended location under: texmf-local/tex/.../mkiv/. Using: \usetypescript or \usetypescriptfile or \usebodyfont [roboto] with setuphead does not work.

I use the following simplest setup command:

\switchtobodyfont[roboto,ss,20pt] is better than what you have; don’t know if it makes a difference.

Does \setupbodyfont[roboto] work for the main (i.e. body) font?

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