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i'm not familiar with that approach so can't see what interferes
The most important change is that I can't update it and I can't put stuff in the system directory nor the user one.
So I only have access to the project folder, it has to be self-contained.
\definefontfamily [ebgaramond] [serif] [ebgaramond] [features=eb-garamond-normal]
Apologies, my fault, I forgot a part of my email. I don't want the c-t and s-t ligatures (supposed to be in `hlig`). But I do want the T-h ligature which is supposed to be in `dlig`. So as far as I understand, TeXlive comes with an old version of EB Garamond in which all of them are in `dlig`. Hence my question about self-contained projects with fonts.
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EB Garamond is hopelessly broken with respect to hlig and dlig, and has been for quite a while.

I reported the problem (https://github.com/octaviopardo/EBGaramond12/issues/20) over five years ago, and the maintainer (if there is one) has done nothing. See also #4 in that issues list (https://github.com/octaviopardo/EBGaramond12/issues/4). There are a couple of forks, but there is no established reference implementation that I can see. The Google Fonts implementation is similarly challenged, perhaps worse.


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