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> EB Garamond is hopelessly broken with respect to hlig and dlig, and has been 
> for quite a while. 
> I reported the problem 
> (https://github.com/octaviopardo/EBGaramond12/issues/20) over five years ago, 
> and the maintainer (if there is one) has done nothing. See also #4 in that 
> issues list (https://github.com/octaviopardo/EBGaramond12/issues/4). There 
> are a couple of forks, but there is no established reference implementation 
> that I can see. The Google Fonts implementation is similarly challenged, 
> perhaps worse.

Oh, I hadn't realized. I had read somewhere that the TeXlive version was
simply older than the `Specimen.pdf` document and had some bugs. I
hadn't realized that it wasn't fixed yet.
This is unfortunate! 

Thanks for the information, you saved me from wasting too much time on

Best regards, 

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