On 4/30/23 16:32, Bruce Horrocks via ntg-context wrote:
>> On 30 Apr 2023, at 14:19, Pablo Rodriguez wrote:
>> I have just updated to current latest (2023.04.27 17:04).
>> I always delete cache with "mtxrun --generate" after an update.
>> When I try to create the format file with "context --make --all", I get
>> the following error message:
>> [...]
>> Could anyone confirm the issue?
> No. Working fine for me on a Mac using that version, both before and
> after running "make all" and "generate".

Many thanks for your fast reply, Bruce.

For some strange reason, binaries weren’t updated to latest ones.

Copying them from a brand-new install fixes the issue.

I wonder whether other Linux64 users experienced this.

Many thanks for your help,


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