On 5/7/2023 3:18 PM, vm via ntg-context wrote:
running the sh install.sh script to update to the latest version i get a message:

/home/vm/context/tex/texmf-linux-64/bin/luatex: unrecognized option '--socket'

there is probably a reason for it, context seems to compile just fine.
ah, ok, so that luatex update even broke the context updater (i didn't realize that luatex would quit on an unknown option instead of just ignoring it)

anyway, as there is no way we can deal with such incompatible updates out of our control, one can install lmtx which should be fine (and likely has the right luatex too, or you can pick up some luatex from the compile farm which should work ok with recent scripts)


- there is a luatex update that breaks context but is needed for other macro packages, and in principle such a fundamental incompatinility should go along with a context update

- the update therefore needs a patched mtxrun although one never patches mtxrun directly unless doing that off-context-zip (it's now how mtxrun is created)

- the luat-fmt is the one that should get two "--socket" snippets because otherwise a context run can fail in some scenarios

- new observation: older engines might fail with new scripts but I'm not going to check for versions (in fact, if we weren't aware of the issue contexts would fail everywhere once such an update rolls out)

So .. not much we can do about it other than just manually adapt when a situation arises. The good news is that luametatex is unaffected and that is what the majority used.


ps. I assume new luatex binaries have to be put into the old mkiv/mkii installers when they ship with a newer script. Kind of a mess.

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