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> wrote:
> Hans,
> many thanks for the new script to install modules in LMTX.
> I forced a new release of handlecsv
> (https://modules.contextgarden.net/cgi-bin/module.cgi/action=view/id=86).
> I provide the contents with a git address, so I cannot choose which kind
> of compression the code will have.
> Since imports from git use .tar.gz, these modules cannot be installed
> with the script (which seems to expect .zip compression exclusively).
> Sorry, but I don’t know how to force git urls to be added as zip
> packages in https://modules.contextgarden.net.

Use <https://github.com/ousia/handlecsv/archive/refs/heads/context-suite.zip> 
as the link to download as a Zip file.

Bruce Horrocks
Hampshire, UK

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