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Sorry, but I don’t know how to force git urls to be added as zip
packages in https://modules.contextgarden.net.

Use <https://github.com/ousia/handlecsv/archive/refs/heads/context-suite.zip> as the link to download as a Zip file.

I thought https://codeberg.org/fiee/context-simpleslides as git URL would have worked for me, but the new script actually installs the outdated simpleslides.zip.

So I used a link to the release ZIP for a new release:

But the script still only installs the old ZIP.

Actually, no, it doesn’t install anything, but doesn’t complain:

~/lmtx/tex $ mtxrun --script install-modules --install t-simpleslides

mtx-install-modules | loading entries from file '~/lmtx/tex/texmf-context/tex/context/modules/third/mtx-install-imp-modules.lua' mtx-install-modules | loading entries from file '~/lmtx/tex/texmf-context/tex/context/modules/third/mtx-install-imp-tikz.lua'
mtx-install-modules |
mtx-install-modules |
mtx-install-modules | renewing file database
mtx-install-modules |
system          | lua | compiling '~/lmtx/tex/texmf-cache/luametatex-cache/context/c821363a6b068765c2a3bbfe3917fcf5/trees/71c82419867f9a0df8a150196c03c86f.lua' into '~/lmtx/tex/texmf-cache/luametatex-cache/context/c821363a6b068765c2a3bbfe3917fcf5/trees/71c82419867f9a0df8a150196c03c86f.lud'
system          | lua | dumping '~/lmtx/tex/texmf-cache/luametatex-cache/context/c821363a6b068765c2a3bbfe3917fcf5/trees/dcb651482955ac31eaab7723b70e0184.lua' into '~/lmtx/tex/texmf-cache/luametatex-cache/context/c821363a6b068765c2a3bbfe3917fcf5/trees/dcb651482955ac31eaab7723b70e0184.lud' stripped
mtx-install-modules |
mtx-install-modules | installed: t-simpleslides
mtx-install-modules |

"mtxrun --script install-modules --install simpleslides" (without "t-") works.

But either the module scripts should re-pack tgz archives or the installer must learn to handle them.
There is code for unpacking gzip and tar but I don't think we should start mixing formats and zip is kind of what we always did.

The modules are in the imp files (mentioned when loaded) but the urls are sort of abstract (and resolved in the installer).

I've added an option to directly pass an url but I suppose that is only for testing. After all, we expect some quality checks and thats what the garden does.

>mtxrun --script install-modules --install --module https://codeberg.org/fiee/context-simpleslides/archive/2023-04-13.zip
mtx-install-modules | from 'https://codeberg.org/fiee/context-simpleslides/archive/2023-04-13.zip'
mtx-install-modules | into 'texmf-modules'
   8 files of   83 done,      25247 bytes, 0.003 seconds
  16 files of   83 done,    3504028 bytes, 0.025 seconds
  24 files of   83 done,    4655619 bytes, 0.039 seconds

but as said, it's only for testing (or for modules not yet mentioned in the imp file).

Keep in mind that no files are deleted. When all modules are consistently packages I can make a 'remove old' feature.


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