I uploaded a new lmtx. Apart from the modules installer (that Hraban has to check) and subtle improvements in math (we're now in tweaking penalties mode) there are a few changes:

- The endstrut in framed got lost but is back again; there is now alao a location=inline option.

- Single character math as in "text $x$ text" will from now on behave kind of like "text~x$ text" but that ~ always felt kind of weird anyway. Tests on large documents with plenty math and single char cases shows that it works quite ok and in most cases the paragraph will have the same number of lines (single char moves have little impact).

- The \lastlinefit (etec) feature is now controlled by the "fit" option in \setupalign etc; i'm still pondering how to control the orphan penalty feature that has been around for a while now but never really configured) and if we should have a decent default for that (like \orphanpenalties 2 150 100 ).

- Math formula number placement (as well as alignment sinside narrower) has been made a bit more robust and we added some placement options that will be discussed in the (by now 1739 page thick) upcoming math manual.
You really don't want to know how many combinations we had to check.

In an upcoming release there might also be some new text related tweaking features as side effect of the math tweaks which leads to some experiments with the par builder (so again we got sidetracked).


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