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> Hi Pablo,
> > not sure I’m getting your point right.
> Thank you for the detailed answer.
> But I fear, I have not expressed myself precise enough.
> The solution that you described does not directly fit to my setting.
> I'll try to rephrase. Maybe it gets more clear then. I think, named
> destinations could be a important part in the solution.
> I'm do not know the structure of PDFs exactly, therefore some of my
> terms might be wrong. I'll name the two things from now on the following
> way:
> - a destination: This is a defined position within a PDF document; so
>   some position that a PDF viewer is able to jump to. In ConTeXt, you
>   can set such a position most of the time with the "reference" keyword.
>   In LaTeX, you use \label.
> - a reference: This is a link that you can click on and cause the
>   PDF viewer to jump/scroll to the linked destination. In ConTeXt, you
>   can use \in to create a reference. In LaTeX, you use \ref.
> The situation is that I have a PDF-document (inner.pdf) that defines
> several destinations and I want to embed that document with
> \externalfigure into another PDF-document (outer.pdf). My question is:
> Is it possible to create references within the source code of outer.pdf
> that correctly set a link to a destination that is defined in inner.pdf?
> Asked in another way: Is is possible that \externalfigure can extract
> the (maybe named) destinations of inner.pdf and translate them in such a
> way, that I can use \in within the outer document to link to them.

According to https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Command/setupexternalfigure


should keep all the references (you can also try interaction=all). Not sure how 
the references get mapped internally, so that they may be linked. 

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