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> I’m in a hurry, excuse my rash reply.

Sorry, Gerion, my reply yesterday was rushed (no skin condition).

The solution is already there (in the test files).

You have the file with the reference (save it as main.tex):


You have the file that reads the references from main.tuc and generates
the inter-document links:

  Links to each chapter using \type{main.tuc}:

  \startitemize[n, packed]
    {\item Reference to \in[main::chap\recurselevel].}

The real issue is that I couldn’t make it work with any PDF viewer I
have on Linux.

Either the viewer doesn’t detect the link (such as PDF.js), or it cannot
solve the target file (such as MuPDF and MuPDF-GL), or it cannot reach
destinations (such as Xpdf, Evince/Okular or SumatraPDF).

I take for granted that Acrobat will deal fine with this, since
destinations in links (GoToR) seem to be fine.

Of course, to confirm this, it should be tested with Acrobat.

Just in case it helps,

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