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For my academic work with context I need the following cite according to Apa 

Knuth (1984, p. 12) mentions ….

The matrix is this:

AUTHOR (YYYY, p.~n).

I reckon this can somehow be accomplished with the \setupbtx command.

(Standard these and other variants are possible: AUTHOR (YYYY) and AUTHOR YYYY, 
p. n.)

I tried different setups: \setupbtx[apa:cite:authoryear], and 
\setupbtx[apa:cite:authoryears], I played with the lefttext, righttext and 
other options, but none of them give the desired result.

Thank you for any suggestions.



author={Knuth, Donald E.},
title={Literate Programming},
journal={The Computer Journal}, Volume={27}, Number={2}, year={1984}, 

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