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Please phrase your reaction differently. This is absolutely not about my sense of humor. But if you have observed the news media these last few years, you may have noticed how sensitive the public opinion has become about "humor" of this kind.  I am afraid it could place the Tex community (for which I care) in a less favourable light.

The TeX community, mostly consisting of LaTeX users, is joking about LaTeX vs. latex all the time. At least the part of the community that meets at open source conferences and hacker camps.

Looking at other stickers I guess hacker humor is often a bit crude or pubertal. <shrug>

I didn’t say we should print this design – Moss or maybe DANTE will.
I’d like to have some interesting/funny stickers to promote ConTeXt (and MetaPost/MetaFun). And while I like the Dodo, it’s a MkII joke and I won’t stress it even more.

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