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The TeX community, mostly consisting of LaTeX users, is joking about LaTeX vs. 
latex all the time. At least the part of the community that meets at open 
source conferences and hacker camps.

only by texies who don't know that they are pronounced differently and i bet the publisher of the latex companion preferred a rather boring cover over a more tantalizing one but it would have made a nice experiment

i hope it's not the only joke they make about tex as there is plenty to joke about (the) tex (community)

for years we used the excellent yandy(tex) dvipsone postscript backend and pretty good dviwindo viewer (that had hyperlink support, which is why we had pdf hyperlink working in a day after acrobat 1 showed up)

but googling for yandy was not helpful for their marketing i guess

Indeed, those old enough, would remember that the book « The Joy of TeX, a 
Gourmet Guide to Typesetting with the AMSTeX Macro Package » by Michael Spivak 
was written as a parody of « The Joy of Sex: A Gourmet Guide to Lovemaking » 
appeared in 1972…
So, did that became a best seller then? It could explain why there are some folk always complaining about the context manuals.


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