no, I just want to split at the end of each sentence to get the four arguments: 
now I pass this four lines to my macro \tareaAbc (with the dirty trick of ñ)

In den Büchereien gibt es auch …ñ 
… Kuchen.ñ       
… Theater.ñ       
… Workshops.ñ 

and I wish your[i]) iteration would become a single 
context.tareaAbc(the four arguments somehow separated so that I can manage each 
line with the corresponding context formatting)

As you see my definition is: \def\tareaAbc #1ñ#2ñ#3ñ#4ñ{...context formating 
for each #)}; Its the clue to pass each sentence as an independent argument 
that I don't get to work.
thanks again
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