Oliver Buerschaper wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been wondering whether someone (perhaps Taco?) can give me a  
> hint on the following:
> 1. Is there an automated way to place citations into footnotes? So  
> whenever I use \cite in the running text it should produce a footnote  
> with the reference alongside the usual footnotes. However, when \cite  
> is invoked within a footnote it should just type out the reference  
> inline (in the footnote, of course ;-). So far I've done this  
> manually with \footnote{\cite{key}} (which at times produced its own  
> strange results like two footnote blocks on the same page).

There is no other way. If you strangeness as a result from this,
then it is a bug in the footnote handling that is (should be)
unrelated to the bibliography module.

> 2. When typesetting a quotation block I'd like to add a reference  
> directly after the closing quotation marks. However, including the  
> \cite command before \stopquotation places the reference before the  
> closing marks, and moving \cite out of the \start \stop block makes  
> the reference appear on a new line ...

The next solution is a bit rude, but works:

   % First define an internal version of quotations. It will
   % typeset the contents of the macro \MyMagic at the end,
   % just after the symbol.

   % And this is simply a wrapper for ease of use
      \startmyquotation #2\stopmyquotation

   % usage:


   overly beautiful pusillanimous sesquipedalian longwinded


Best, Taco
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