On 2/14/07, John R. Culleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I too am stuck in specification hell. The specifier is ovenamored of
> stretching text and the like. I worked through that with the TeX/LaTeX macro
> soul.sty.
>  My immediate problem is with putting the
> caption of a table in a different font.  Currently I have:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> \setupcaptions[location=top,headstyle=bold,style=bold]
> \placefigure[here][tab:comp]{Comparison of Corporate and
> Government Bond Portfolios} {
> etc.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Currently I get the caption in bold but the string "Figure 2-1" is not in
> bold.

On the garden it works OK.

Also if you want to use a really different font, there should be no
problem saying

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