Wednesday, August 1, 2007 Hans Hagen wrote:

> Giuseppe Bilotta wrote:

>> You know, seeing how streams work made me think about an
>> extension I was considering for Alpeh: \pageboxnumber, being
>> 255 by default but which could be changed at runtime,
>> choosing which box was used to build the MVL. I originally
>> thought about it because my mathematically aesthetical sense
>> complained that box 255 had to be used in e-TeX and
>> Omega/Aleph as well (the last box number in each system made
>> more sense), but now that I see your streams idea I think it
>> would have been a useful addition.

> this will become configurable in luatex

Ah, good to know.

>> (Oh yes, I should really get back to Aleph. I see that
>> luatex builds on that too. I must say that I'm glad to see
>> that the project has been taken over when I disappeared
>> without a trace :P)

> well, luatex renders aleph kind of obsolete -)

Yeah, I got that impression :)

> also, luatex has pdf output (also for aleph stuff)

This is a very good thing. I have big hopes up for it. Also,
as part of my “getting back into the loop”, do you think
there's some where/some how I can give a hand?

Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

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