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>>> I want to create a batch file to open a program so that it will search  
>>> the
>>> contents of C:\ConTeXt, which contains my entire system, including
>>> subdirectories. For example, if foo.tex is a file in C:\ConTeXt, and
>>> goo.exe is some program, then for
>>>> goo.bat foo.tex
>>> I want goo to seach C:\ConTeXt for foo.tex. Is there a straightforward  
>>> way
>>> to edit the following to get this effect?
>>> ============================
>>> rem batch file
>>> goo %
>>> ============================
>>> Any pointers will be appreciated.
> well, if it's part of the tree ...

But what if it's not part of the tree? For example

> Acrobat.lnk  cow.pdf

Now you will say, "Why not use texmfstart --file=showcase.pdf  

Answer: Because texmfstart always resizes the acrobat window, and I want  
to keep the relative positions of my editor and viewer the same at all  
times. (of course showcase.pdf is full screen-mode but the restore  
position is still resized). This is also why I don't use the --autopdf  

If one opens Acrobat with a link file this does not happen: the relative  
position generally stays the same as when it was last closed. If I make  
LNK executable in System Properties then I can use the following batch file

Acrobat.lnk %*

which will start its argument without resizing the window. So what I need  
is a batch file such that, from a console, I can say

Acrobat.bat cow.pdf

and C:\context will be searched for the file.

How can I do this?

I hope this is clearer. I wrote the question more abstractly because there  
could be many programs one may want to operate on the context tree.

Best wishes

Professor Idris Samawi Hamid
Department of Philosophy
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523

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