2007/11/1, Idris Samawi Hamid <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Dear gang,
> This has bugged me for years but I never said anything since the
> workaround is so easy. OTOH I am working on something I'd like to share
> with others and an official solution would be better:
> \starttext
> \input knuth
> \startquotation
> \input knuth
> \stopquotation
> \input knuth
> \stoptext
> I. \start-\stopquotation surrounds the block quote in double-quotes marks.
> I don't know about other European languages but in English this is
> redundant; I've hardly ever seen block quotes use dbl-quote marks.
> We at least need a setup option to turn this off.
> II. There should be some default whitespace between the block quote and
> the surrounding text, just as \start-stopitemize has. Or at least this
> should be configurable in the setups.
> If these two are already there (not in the manual) then please let us know
> how to set this up. Otherwise could you add configuration options for
> this?
> FYI: Here is what I use
> ===========
> \definestartstop
>    [quote]
>    [before={\startnarrower[2*left,2*right]\blank[big]\noindenting},
>      after={\stopnarrower\blank[big]}]
> ===========
> Best wishes
> Idris

Hi Idris,

there is no perfect solution in ConTeXt because the \quotation and the
\start/stopquotation commands are defined with the same definition and it is
not possible to disable the quote marks for the one and enable it for the
but you can use ConTeXt's mechanism for nested quotations and redefine the
other one.



  [location=margin, % paragraph


\input knuth

\quotation{I'm a quoteted text \quotation{within another quoteted text} and

\input knuth

\input knuth


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